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MLOps Made Easy

Learn to build an end-to-end Machine Learning platform. Powered by Open-Source.

Free to Use

We will only use free and open-source tools.

The only (entirely optional) cost endured will be from cloud computing resources. Examples will be runnable locally, but we won't skip the details to run in a production environment. Tying into our second principle.

Production Ready

Most tutorials only give a cannonical Hello, World!/mnist example, which can be difficult to adapt to production requirements.

We (optionally) use AWS, and don't skip the details that take a toy project to production-ready; with security, scale and reliability in mind.


Learn the skills to manage your own complete ML platform; from data management to ML experimentation, deployment and monitoring.

Every tutorial is hands-on, using industry-standard tools and best practices.

Meet your instructor

Hi, I'm Justin Godden

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